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Our company is engaged in the sale and development of high quality cast iron products, especially grate bars and protection shells, for different incineration plants. Our customers include waste incineration plants, biomass power plants and coal-fired power plants in Germany and abroad.
Web: www.wvtbreiding.de  
EET GmbH is a supplier for complete dust exhausting equipment and mechanical conveyer systems for boiler and combustion plants and for different industrial sectors.
The whole supply chain from design over manufacturing, delivery and erection is done by own technicians in our certified manufacturing plants.
Web: www.eet-gmbh.com  

conveyor chain
special solutions
bulk conveying
ash removal
water treatment

Web: www.fb-ketten.de  

Th. Scholten GmbH & Co. KG offer their customers everything from one single source. On request, we take over the complete project handling.

A reliable protection against damage through wear is essential for a trouble-free production. Apart from the "classic" wear protection material cast basalt and the lower-budget hard ceramic we offer a wide range of modern ceramic wear protection materials for any kind of wear and bulk material. Our materials can be selectively chosen or combined to generate advanced and cost-efficient wear protection systems.

Web: www.scholten-gmbh.de  
KERAPLAN GmbH is one of Germany's leading manufacturers of specialty refractory products based on silicon carbide and corundum. KERAPLAN SiC: Phosphate-bound fire proof material for fossil-fueled power plants with the greatest heat transfer into the pipe system. KERAPLAN SiSiC: Wear protection systems for abrasive, dust-loaded flue gases. KERAPLAN NSiC: Plate system for pipe walls in waste incineration plants and biomass plants. The most modern fastening system with ceramic fittings.
Web: www.keraplan.de  
Fabric expansion joints in all dimensions More than 40 years proven
Web: www.korema.com  
Sulzer Pumpen und Turbo Service gehören zu Schweizer Sulzer AG und sind führend im Bereich von Herstellung von Pumpen, Wartung und Instandsetzung von rotierenden Maschinen.
Sulzer bietet aus einer Hand ein gesamt Konzept für Kraftwerk Service und Reparatur von Rotierenden Maschinen.
Web: www.sulzer.com  


Web: www.schallreinigung.eu  


Web: www.re.eichner-group.com



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