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Our company is engaged in the sale and development of high quality cast iron products, especially grate bars and protection shells, for different incineration plants. Our customers include waste incineration plants, biomass power plants and coal-fired power plants in Germany and abroad.
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conveyor chain
special solutions
bulk conveying
ash removal
water treatment

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Th. Scholten GmbH & Co. KG offer their customers everything from one single source. On request, we take over the complete project handling.

A reliable protection against damage through wear is essential for a trouble-free production. Apart from the "classic" wear protection material cast basalt and the lower-budget hard ceramic we offer a wide range of modern ceramic wear protection materials for any kind of wear and bulk material. Our materials can be selectively chosen or combined to generate advanced and cost-efficient wear protection systems.

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Fabric expansion joints in all dimensions More than 40 years proven
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xxx Howden supplies custom-engineered centrifugal fans and cooling fans for industrial and incinerator plants, as well as all connected service, ranging from basic 1st level maintenance to complete turn-key jobs including all auxiliary
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Since 2002 our company plans and installs successfully acoustic cleaning systems in Germany and throughout the world. This is related to newly erected plants as well as upgraded ones.
Acoustic waves, caused by compressed air, prevent deposits of ashes and dusts, thus keeping clean the components concerned. The number of standstills is reduced. As a result the profitability of power plant operation increases.
Hartge Schallreinigung offers inter alia acoustic cleaners of different design and frequencies. Our products meet continuous progress and optimization. With pleasure we provide advice on site!

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The Eichner Group stands for Know How and competence around the services for power stations and large combustion plants.

System Operation
Boiler Cleaning
Blast Cleaning
Maintenance Cleaning
Upkeeping / Servicing
Safety Cleaning
Flue Gas Desulfurization Cleaning
we realise these works among others in fossil-fueled power
plants, waste incineration plants and biomass power plants.

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For more than 15 years we are partner for Power Stations, WtEand
biomass plants. Our competence is delivery and optimization
of on-load boiler cleaning systems incl. spare and wear parts and

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We offer an efficient database for the collection and analysis of wall
thickness measurements and activities, as they in power plants,
Thermal waste treatment and biomass plants are carried out.

Our WDM Database is successfully used by more than 75 operators
in 6 countries.

Web: www.wdm-datenbank.de

We repair, optimize and renew:
Fuelstorage, -transport and -dosin systems
Biomass combustionsystems
Dry and wet ash removal
Measurement and control cabinets
We are regardless of the manufacturer
We present customized solutions with own design and manufacturing

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SCHAEFER KALK products prove their value every day in a wide range of applications: Indispensable in the chemical industry and an important initial
product for a natural environmental protection – from the treatment of drinking water up to fl ue gas desulphurization. Building materials, plaster and paint products are manufactured with the aid of raw materials made by
SCHAEFER KALK. Manufacturers of special papers, toothpaste, pharmaceutical products, plastic materials and gasket products rely on the quality of the highgrade base materials offered by SCHAEFER KALK.
For more than 150 years, our name stands for quality in many applications
and processes.

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Serving air pollution control
GUTSCHE Textile Engineering
- Development and production of specialised needle felts
- Engineering of unique filtration solutions
- Development and application of specialised treatments
- Waste, RDF, coal and biomass combustion
- Cement, lime and gypsum production
- Chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries
- Metallurgy

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Procermo products are based on the material of
silicon carbide (SiC).
silicate-, nitride bonded SIC components; SiSiC-bound elements

- Power plants
- Waste incineration
- Biomass combustion
- Paper industry
- Cyclones
- Wear protection
- Slag-repellent
- Alkali-resistant
- Heat transfer performance
- High abrasion resistance
- Oxidizing atmosphere
- Reducing atmosphere

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